Products - VSXu Artiste

VSXu Artiste lets you create stunning open GL based audio reactive visuals. Its unique modular interface gives you drag and drop functionality gives you access to dozens of modules that allow easy compositing of presets that can be played in VSXu player.

Why realtime graphics?

  • Interactive creativity - you can manipulate what will be your final image/animation while you work with it. When you know the software, this is very good for creativity which enables you to become a better artist.
  • Sound responsiveness - you can design custom artistic worlds that react to sound and manipulate those in realtime to tweak the art to perfection, this is impossible when only programming or only using render-based 3d software, there you have the rendering time as a limiter and you can not "feel" what is happening
  • Framerate - nothing beats 60Hz visuals. This ensures that your work is future proof, the japanese new TV standard is 200Hz for instance, and modern gaming monitors can produce smooth 144Hz animations, VSXu adapts to all these conditions (if the graphics card can deliver)


  • Import 3D models with armatures and texture mapping from your favourite 3D applications using .obj or cal3D export formats.
  • Import, apply and modify textures from internally created sources, .jpg, .png (with alpha channels), .avi and much more.
  • Built in particle emitters makes it easy for anyone to create stunning visual compositions in no time.
  • Use VSX listener to convert audio into usable data you can use you to control your compositions.
  • GL modifier library lets you enhance your composition with lighting, movement, texture modification and much more.
  • Control your scenes using the built in time sequencer.
  • Export your composition as .vsx for VJ style performance in VSXu player.
  • Export your composition as an .exe, complete with embedded music and imported file data.