VSXu Player - For Streamers

There are quite a few Streamers on Twitch that use VSXu to either add pretty visuals to the music they are playing while in-game (displaying VSXu in a corner of the screen), or when streaming live DJ sets.

One way of doing this is to run VSXu on a separate display and then capture output. You can also just run it in a window on its own. Do keep in mind that graphics performance when running multiple OpenGL applications can become limited - graphics drivers are generally designed to run one thing at a time.

As the visuals themselves are licensed slightly differently than the program itself, we allow you to stream them, but we kindly ask you to link back to us somewhere in your channel information text below the video window.

As VSXu Player is distributed through Steam we have gotten the question if you can both play a game and run VSXu at the same time?
And the answer is yes. You might have to start the second program manually by double-clicking on the EXE file though.