VSXu Artiste, VSXu Player, VSXu Server - For Live Events

VSXu has successfully been used at many live events including concerts and live band performances.

Compared to most pre-rendered video, a real time source like VSXu provides much smoother movements and shorter reaction times.

Running at 60 or 100 frames per second in or above Full HD resolution breaks no sweat from today's computers*. With VSXu you can relatively easy harness this power to your advantage.

Done correctly, your audience will love the results!

*Even the most bleeding edge movies run at only 48 frames per second. The difference in fluidity of motion is easy to spot.

How can you implement it in your stage productions?

Content created with Artiste can be run both in Player and on the Server. The server is a stripped down player running fullscreen and you can connect to it over the network from either Artiste or via standard TCP/IP using common scripting languaes PHP/Python/Perl. The messages sent to control the engine are human readable and can even be typed in manually - just telnet to the server.

Thus you can have several computers paired with screens or projectors on/near the stage controlled via standard PC networking equipment such as w-lan or Ethernet.

Since the Server runs on GNU/Linux, you also save licensing costs amounting to about 25% per brand new computer. You can also use standard Gaming PC's if your project is on a budget. (For help on how to design/build hardware suitable for VSXu - please contact us).

Concept sketch of an advanced stage setup


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