VSXu Artiste - For Artists

Are you an artist? Great! But first, we won't lie to you, VSXu is not really your average graphics/painting/modelling program, it's a programming language (programmed visually) which can both procedurally create graphics or make use of assets that you have made for a project.

Don't fret though! The thing with VSXu - to your advantage - is that you don't have to write code - you can tweak a lot of what the programmers have set up using VSXu Artiste to get the look you want. VSXu accepts assets such as 2d textures or 3d meshes, even animated characters.

In time you can tinker with the VSXu programming yourself. And if you're like us - somewhere in between an artist and programmer, VSXu can help you realize your ideas a LOT quicker than if you were to write code.

From now on, this article will focus on some of the defining features of VSXu Artiste.

A thing or two about real time graphics

If you haven't done real time graphics before, there are a few things worth noting. You can't make infinitely complex meshes, the textures usually have to be less than 4096x4096 pixels. This is even more true for graphics targeted at mobile devices (which VSXU will soon support). So for instance - if you're targeting 1080p resolution, 1024x1024 textures are usually enough. Although if you are going to texture a character or similar, you might want to go for 2048x2048.


The VSXu GUI is designed to run full-screen, enabling you to focus and really zone in on being creative. Everything in the GUI is smooth and fluid-like.

The "Performance Mode"

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Organizing your project

You can put together modules in macros turning this:

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Into this:

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When you need to make a change, you have access to everything within the macro (here shown zoomed out):

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Combining Assets into a project

VSXu includes a resources browser suited for quickly finding a file in a huge directory tree. It's an adaption of a hyperbolic tree.

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When finished with the project, VSXu can generate a single file with all asset files in it - a tightly compressed library which holds your project.