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If you are looking for a quick way to get cross platform hardware accelerated realtime 3D, you should definitely look into VSXu.
Here are the 3 simple reasons why:

1)   We bundle a lot of modules with VSXu, so that you can simply reuse our work and not have to start from scratch. Incase the prebundled modules aren't enough, you can easily extend VSXu yourself!!

2)   The VSXu artiste gives you a WSIWYG interface to your work in real time, and gets you rid of the usual tedious Code -> compile -> debug cycles thereby boosting your productivity and creativity!!

3)   By separating your 3D logic from the OpenGL code, you get to have a lot more maintainable code.

And if you were looking for a few more obvious reasons:

1) Its free software - as in freedom, not just gratis - VSXu is released under the GNU GPL license
2) Its highly portable and cross platform
3) It has a clean codebase and elegant documentation

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