VSXu Live - Learning the basics of VSXu Artiste

New user? Refine your skills? Inspiration? Then you've come to the right place!

Since VSXu is a visual programming language, we figured the best way would be to show you how to use it - well, visually.
Even if you're an experienced user, there is probably something for you to learn in these videos.

We've collected videos in our Youtube playlist "VSXu Live".

As of Today (March 2013) we haven't covered all aspects of the program, so please wait a bit more for all parts! Currently we cover the user interface and a video about textures.

These are informal and recorded live so bare with us - we make mistakes, use pre-release features that trigger bugs etc :)

To start watching, just press play below, or visit the
youtube playlist directly!

You can also go to the youtube channel and subscribe. Highly recommended as we'll continue to add more videos!

VSXu Live is produced and hosted by jaw and Seetee.

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