VSX Ultra ©2003-2017 Vovoid Media Technologies

Programming: Jonatan Wallmander ("jaw" on irc), Dinesh Manajipet ("saidinesh5" on irc)
Design: Jonatan Wallmander, Jesper Harming
Presets, QA, Support: Peter Walker aka "asterix", Jonatan Wallmander

The following individuals helped start up the project: Robert Wenzel aka "CoR", Joakim Fännick aka "ion"

3rd party libraries and code compiled into VSXu

Laurent de Soras
Mark J. Harris
The Freetype Project
Camilla Berglund
Paul Bourke (

Tools used for development

gcc (compiler)
gdb (debugger)
cmake (build system)
mingw-w64 (cross-compilation for windows)
valgrind (memory debugger)

We like and endorse

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